Dr. Manfred Nothnagel


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Gentler surgical method of carpal tunnel syndrome and snapping finger now also in Vienna.

I have been offering - for quite some time and very successfully - the innovative, gentler surgical method in local anesthesia for this disease to my patients in Graz: the so-called ultrasound-targeted minimally invasive surgery.

Now patients in Vienna also have the opportunity to benefit from the new surgical method. My elective doctor's office in Vienna 16 serves as a contact point for consultation, examination and performance of the outpatient surgery.

The actual procedure now takes no more than 15 minutes, and patients can go home afterwards and should even move and put weight on the hand normally.

As a specialist in surgery with many years of experience as a senior physician in various hospitals, it is extremely important to me to deal with my patients in a trusting and objective manner.

I also take ample time to discuss in detail your concerns and fears, which understandably often accompany surgical treatments.



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