Recoverix - Neurotechnology for patients with stroke or multiple sclerosis


Recoverix is a special rehabilitation method developed for relearning hand and foot movements after stroke and in the context of MS disease.

Recoverix helps the brain relearn lost motor functions of the upper and lower extremities in small steps - even 10, 20 or 30 years after stroke.

Recoverix is a combination of three standard therapies:
Mental imagination - Imagine in your mind how you move your hand or foot while Recoverix measures your brain activity.
Visual feedback - Your imagined movements are now simulated by a virtual avatar on the screen.
Electrical stim ulation - At the same time, the affected muscles in your hand or foot are stimulated, making your mental imagination of movement a reality.

Recoverix couples your cognitive processes with real hand and foot movements, promoting plasticity in your brain. This means that healthy brain regions relearn and take over the lost functions. In addition, visual feedback is provided by computer stimulation, which is similar to mirror neuron therapy.

The following improvements are achieved:

  • Active and passive movement ability
  • Improvement of the gait pattern
  • Spasticity reduction
  • Sensitivity improvement
  • Increased memory
  • Reduction of pain
  • Tremor reduction
  • Higher concentration ability